Have as much input in the music at your wedding as possible.
    Ask your family and friends what music they enjoy and make sure their requests are presented.
    Doing a money dance is a good way to make extra cash at your wedding.
    If you don't want people to pin money on your dress use a money bag/purse.
    Plan a special song for your parents (Maybe even the song they danced to at their wedding).
    Do a Mardi Gras Style second line.  Make sure someone brings a white umbrella and some white napkins.
    Have someone do a toast at the reception (funny works best but emotional is okay).
    For the bouquet toss, fake the throw the first time (Watch the girls jump)(Great photo opt).
    Instead of shoving cake in each other's face, shove it in the face of the best man/woman.
    Don't decide your wedding vendors based solely on price, cheapest is not always best. 
Example: You have the perfect wedding venue, the best reception hall, a beautiful dress, a perfectly decorated cake, the best food, all of your family and friends are in town, you are completely prepared for your special day,  yet you saved a few bucks by booking a cheap DJ and he stinks.  He comes late or maybe not at all.  His equipment is basically a home stereo and he is wearing a dirty LSU t-shirt and jeans. 
Sounds funny right, it's a true story!  This happened one of my friends when I attended their wedding a few years back.  He thought that he had made the best deal in the world, but it was the worst wedding reception I have ever attended (his wife was less than happy).  The moral of this story is: don't trust your special day to just anyone, use someone who is experienced, professional, organized, prompt, prepared, and considerate.  I am happy to provide references of satisfied customers if needed.  Book with confidence, I am confident in my abilities. - Jamie K.